Located in Galicia, north of Spain. Valdeorras name means Valley of Gold, may have been the first grape growing and wine producing region in Galicia.

Soil:  vineyards are on the banks of the river Sil, which flows westwards from Castile and León to the province of Ourense. In general the landscape is flat or gently rolling.

Climate: combination of Atlantic, continental and a specific micro-climate in the Sil valley

White are Godello and Dona Branca; also authorized is Palomino Fino.
Red are Mencia, Merenzao, Sousón, Brancellao; also authorized are Garnacha Tintorera (Alicante Bouschet), Gran Negro, Tempranillo and Negreda.

White are produced using Godello which offer a high quality level. Their color are pallid yellow or straw-colored yellow. They are not very intense in terms of aroma but they are thin and delicate with nice floral notes. In the mouth they are tasty, excellent acid and often a bit greasy tact.

Red are most produced jovenes wines using mencia. They have very Atlantic character marked with define aromas as a bramble patch fruit; in the mouth they are dry and fruity.

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