Neyah – Sparkling Wine 0% Alcohol

Size: 750 ml
% Alcohol: 0%
Unit: 12

Grape: Moscato & Macebo
appearance Appearance:ย  Neyah is made from a Moscato base giving it a distinctive sweet and refreshing taste
Aroma:ย  Neyah sparkling wine is a party in a bottle and adds that flair and flash to any occasion.

Taste: Pleasantly sweet, light, and refreshing.


ONE OF THE KIND BUBBLY NEYAH Alcohol-Free is a delicious bubbly mocktail with stunning looks and a taste to match.

The gold magic effect in every bottle makes the experience much more memorable. Grip and swirl to see NEYAH magic. One glass wonโ€™t be enough.

THE GOLD INSIDE FDA-approved, edible ingredient currently used in a vast number of everyday food products. Think of the sparkle in breakfast cereals, cookies, cake icing, and candy. The ingredient is texture and taste-free.